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TripDoodler is a travel planning platform for the growing community of conscious travelers. We help travelers find and make more sustainable choices when planning a trip so they can leave their
best footprint.

Unified travel planning platform with all your favorite planning features and sustainability at its core


A Flexible Planning Tool

Collect inspiration, build your itinerary and book with ethical providers (coming soon).


Find Sustainable Inspiration

Browse the world’s first database of better choices. See carbon emission data, find certifications, rate sustainable travel options and see other traveler’s ratings.


Join the Movement

Get inspired from like-minded travelers, plan with your co-travelers, and share your plans with the community.

Why Join TripDoodler?

With today’s technology and knowledge, we can begin to make our trips more sustainable. While it’s not easy, TripDoodler gives the growing community of conscious travelers a place to start. The magic word is planning.

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