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Empowered with first-hand insights from globetrotters in every corner of the world, we will make the more sustainable travel options accessible to everyone.


We are a global team of passionate conscious travelers, dedicated to empowering all travelers around the world to create adventures based on more sustainable travel choices, without having to compromise what matters most to us when we travel.

The TripDoodler Team
An Indian who highly banks on the potential of sustainable tourism and travel technology for creating impact.

Amit Bhatia
Product Marketing

Business Angel Board member in various companies and organisations Independent business for 28 years

Carsten Bjerregaard 

CEO of GH Sustainability and founder of Enablesus.

Douglas Marett

MSc graduate in Environment and Development Economics, Sustainable Enterprise.

Francesco Giacomello
Product Manager 

Former sustainability lead at booking.com and a highly passionate sustainable traveler.

Irene de Bot

Johnny Toshio

Product Specialist

Strong industry knowledge. Experienced commercial leader CBA at AVT Business School. Eco-conscious passionate globetrotter with +47 countries in the backpack.

Josephine Piplits
Founder, CEO & CPO

Experienced all-rounder in digital marketing, digital analytics and SEO. Left Denmark for six months to realize a lifelong dream of travelling with his wife and two kids. Returned and pursued another personal ambition of working with sustainability within the startup world.

Magnus Søgård

Signe Jungersted

CTO of Sortedam Ventures

Michael Clausen
CTO Advisor

Simon Jones
Lead Developer

Former product manager at Trustpilot and Co-founder of Openli.

Søren Viuff

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