TripDoodler FAQ

About TripDoodler

Q: What is TripDoodler about and what is the goal of TripDoodler?

A: TripDoodler is building what will become the world’s largest searchable database of better travel choices. The goal of TripDoodler is to make the sustainable travel choice the easiest choice.

Q: Why do I need TripDoodler?

A: Well, it really depends on where you are on your personal journey. Some travelers use TripDoodler to leave better footprints (a.k.a. ratings) for other travelers to follow. Other travelers simply want to find and easily factor sustainability into their decision-making process. TripDoodler gives both the tools to do so.

Validating sustainability

Q: What does it mean to validate sustainability?

A: We have put together a set of objective sustainable practices for you to look for and mark which ones you see in the places you are in or have visited. This way, you give your rating of how you perceive sustainability which is super valuable information not only for the next traveler but for the establishments too.

Q: What can I validate?

A: Right now we work with four categories: Accommodation, Places we eat & drink and of course all Activities we engage with as tourists. You can find anywhere which has a profile in Google Places on TripDoodler. Just search in the search bar.

Q: Why should I validate (a.k.a. rate)?

A: For two reasons. The obvious is to leave better footprints for the next traveler. Helping and inspiring each other to make better travel choices. The less obvious reason is that when you validate sustainable practices you tell the establishment, how you perceive where they are on their sustainable journey. This is very valuable information. Based on this the businesses can make better choices on how to build better sustainable practices.

You can view it this way – With TripDoodler we are creating a completely new language which for the first time enables travelers and businesses to join together in co-creating more sustainable solutions.

Q: Why do I have to use the given parameters? Why can’t I write a review on my own?

A: When we use a certification method and every one are validating the same objective parameters, we can keep a high level of integrity. This way anyone, no matter their knowledge of it, can easily identify the more sustainable practices.

So, when you read another rating left by a fellow TripDoodler you don’t have to question their knowledge level as we are all looking for the same objective parameters.

Q: But how have you chosen these specific parameters? 

A: We have divided the parameters into three categories based on the UNWTO’s definition of sustainable tourism’s three pillars: Environmental, Social-Cultural and Economical. In addition, our sustainability parameters are validated by external companies like Green Key, and our core-team of sustainability experts and have of course been filtered through the eyes of travelers to only include parameters we can all easily identify with a high level of integrity.

Q: How are you calculating the score? Is it trustworthy?

A: A score in TripDoodler is always a positive score. Even with only a few parameters recognized, the establishment is off to a good start. From here they can start the journey to add in more sustainable practices and build an even more sustainable solution. We calculate the score in our proprietary algorithm where all parameter are equally weighted. When you validate a parameter it will be calculated as a positive and the score is calculated based on a percent of all applicable parameters. 

Q: I don’t know much about sustainability. Can I still use TripDoodler?

A: Yes! No need to be an expert. We’ll guide you through! And Pssst – don’t tell anyone – Using TripDoodler actually becomes addictive. Suddenly you will find yourself looking for and identifying sustainable practices where ever you go.


Q: How can I find a place?

A: Just search for it by typing in the name and chose it in the drop down menu. Right now it is not possible to choose the place in the map. Let us know if you think this should be our next priority in development

Q: Can I adjust my rating?

A: Of course. First click on “my profile”, then on “my ratings”, find the place and Edit.

Q: Why is there a Google Review integration?

A: That you can see if the place is sustainable AND delicious, too!

Q: Is there a cost?

A: No, TripDoodler is free!

Q: How can I download TripDoodler?

A: TripDoodler is a web-app and therefore cannot be downloaded. But just save TripDoodler to your home screen on your mobile and your next sustainable travel choice is just one click away.

Any other questions? Write us a mail at or use the chat function at