Reduce and offset your carbon footprint!

Carbon emission in our daily activities is simply unavoidable. This is a fact.

We all have an obligation to reduce our consumption, especially when we travel. Carbon emissions from traveling are one of the significant contributors globally.

How can TripDoodler help?

By integrating a carbon emission calculator directly into our planning platform, we equip you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about your own carbon emission and how you can reduce it when you travel.

When planning your next trip in TripDoodler, you can calculate your own carbon emission powered by our trusted partner and B-Corp certified company, Goodwings. You can easily see and navigate through the complex world of calculations and compare the carbon emissions on various travel modes and accommodations (coming soon!) to make informed decisions about your travel.


What can you do?

As travelers, we have a choice – two actually. First, we can make choices that will reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Secondly, we can offset the part we can’t limit.

Limiting our emission on an individual level can mean multiple things – biking to work, eating less meat and the list goes on. We can also take these decisions with us when we are traveling – keeping our trip local, taking the train instead of a plane and so on. The same can be done on a structural and industry level when businesses switch to renewable energy or shortening their supply chain.

Offsetting our emission can be done through sequestration, which is a process of finding alternative ways to compensate for the carbon that’s being emitted. Individuals and businesses both can join and implement energy efficiency, reforestation efforts and renewable energy programs to offset the carbon emission created.

TripDoodler has already started to offset our own emissions, and is now a carbon-neutral organization. As a member of Leaders for Climate Action, we have calculated and logged our carbon emissions, reduced what we can right now and then offset the rest by planting trees in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya through Carbon Footprint’s reforestation program.

But what is the carbon footprint?

But before we can take these actions as travelers, we need to know our own carbon footprint. The calculation of carbon footprint is the standard way of measuring and reporting the environmental impact that a transportation, building, land, a structure, or a retail location has on the environment, expressed in tons of CO2 per year.

Now you can easily do this when planning your trips in TripDoodler with our carbon calculator. Our current calculation is measured by the means of transportation used and its environmental impact. Understanding your impact helps you to make meaningful changes and sustainable choices.

We also shouldn’t forget that carbon is actually released to the atmosphere in different ways. According to the largest source of natural carbon emissions is from the exchange of CO2 between the oceans and the atmosphere. Nature, however, keeps most of these emissions in balance – plants absorb carbon through photosynthesis, and the oceans absorb just about as much carbon dioxide as they let off.

But the problem lies with us – humans and our activities. When we extract, refine, transport, and burn fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil, we release extra carbon into the atmosphere. 65% of emitted greenhouse gases is this extra carbon dioxide alone!


More about

The Goodwings carbon calculator uses the distance travelled and the mode of transportation to calculate your carbon footprint. Integrated in this calculation is plane, train, car, and bus as modes of transportation, which are all available now on our platform, with more to come.

The calculator uses the latest data, produced by GHG Protocol. They provide the Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard that is used by major companies worldwide. These standards are:

    • Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories (EPA)
    • Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2020 (DEFRA)
    • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Goodwings uses the DEFRA dataset, and plans on integrating all three major datasets, as well as the geographical location of the travel.

As we further develop on our journey, we are planning to integrate more industry leading partners, and add new parameters to provide you with more options to calculate carbon emission based on your choices in your sustainable travels.

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