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TripDoodler is a membership based community. Here we build and share travel sustainably. And we want to have the freedom to do so independently. In our own tool. At our own pace. Truly by travelers for travelers.

But building and running a platform like TripDoodler of course has a cost. So far we have covered it all from our own pockets. 

With TripDoodler entering into the BETA phase it’s your chance to get involved.

Here you find 3 ways of supporting TripDoodler right now.

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Support us now with a small monthly donation and TripDoodler will not only become the tool you’ll wonder how you could ever live without – it will also be completely free for you to use for life.

Use the form here, add your credit card details and personal details and be a part of tomorrow travelers.

You can of course cancel at any time and when we launch TripDoodler BETA version (expected late this year) we will convert your subscription into a free-for-life subscription


TripDoodler is a by travelers for travelers community also meaning that we don’t want to build a final product, put it to market and expect for you to love it. 

During the summer we will be releasing versions and functionalities to test and we want YOU to help us shape and co-create the tool you have always wanted.
We want to collaborate with you, get your feedback and all your great ideas. Making TripDoodler your tool.

All you need to do is let us know you are interested and we will reach out to you  straight away.

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