More and more of us look for sustainable travel options when we plan our trips. We have made it easier for you to shape the new norm.

Being a responsible travel planner yourself, you probably recognize this too: 

  • What does it really matter in the bigger picture, that I make a sustainable choice?
  • How can I even trust what is sustainable and what is not?
  • I don’t need my towels to be changed every day!
  • How do I find the local suppliers with a socially positive impact, community engagement..
Luckily it doesn’t have to be like this.

Knowledge is king

There’s quite a few experts out there when it comes to knowledge on how to travel more sustainably. The complexity is high, understanding all the details and finding our way around it is a challenge for us ordinary travelers.

But we are also a bunch of travelers who are out there experiencing every day and excited to share what we discover.

In TripDoodler we can easily share our knowledge.

Compare your options

Think of the most common parameters you use today when comparing travel options.

Pretty sure time, connections, location are on the list. And price of course.

But how do we compare the most sustainable option? 

TripDoodler enables you to easily compare and make your choices all directly on your trip planning page.

Pass it on

What’s the next best thing after finding the hidden gem? Passing it on, right?

With TripDoodler you can rate all your experiences in a few clicks. 

Share and help other travel planners in their decision processes with some first-hand trustworthy information.

Together we shape a more sustainable world of travel.

In order to make more sustainable choices we believe the first step is to define what “sustainability” means.

We can’t change our decision making process until we have a clear vision of the impact we want to make in the world.

We embrace the idea that for change to be really impactful it has to start with people and positively affect their life as a result, for this reason the concept of sustainability exceeds the climate impact. 

UN has designed the 17 sustainability development goals (SDG) to guide us through the complexity of the subject. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. 

Sustainable travel has the power to create a better world.

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