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What if we made just one sustainable choice on our next trip? Imagine the difference it would make. We can all take the first step towards a more sustainable world with planning.

Why Travel


Our world is full of extraordinary destinations from exotic cities and colorful cultures, to hidden treasures, and surreal nature sites. It’s no wonder that more and more global travelers want to check these places off their bucket lists. And as more of us travel, we put pressure on the environment, culture, nature, economies, societies, and people.

With planning, we begin to make our trips more sustainable. We’ll never be fully sustainable, so let’s redefine what sustainable travel can be without compromising what matters most to us when we travel. It’s sustainability on our terms.

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling or support local business, if we work together, we can plan our future trips with care for the people and places we visit. The UN has 17 sustainability development goals (SDG) to guide us through the complexity of this subject.

Sustainable Travel Starts With Planning

Sustainable travel is multi-faceted and complicated, almost like rocket science. This can leave many of us travelers feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to begin.

TripDoodler gives all conscious travelers a place to start – and the journey begins before we even go anywhere.

The magic word is planning. That’s when we really make most of our travel decisions. So we’ve created a planning tool to help travelers plan more sustainable trips.

We will always leave a footprint when we travel – but when we plan our trips right, we can make sure our footprint stays as sustainable as possible.

A Database of Better Choices

Finding more sustainable alternatives for transport, restaurants, hotels, and activities is not easy. Too often, it’s difficult to make better choices because we don’t know about our options.

TripDoodler empowers travelers to get research, reviews and recommendations collected by like-minded travelers.

Together, we’re making the world’s first database of better choices, to help travelers plan their trip with consciousness.

Help Others to Travel With Care

We are a movement. We bring together a community of conscious travelers dedicated to taking better care of the people and places we visit.

As experienced travelers, we can use the first-hand insights we collect on our trips to inspire each other and contribute to defining what sustainable travel can be by co-creating and sharing plans in TripDoodler.

When we use our voice and share our knowledge, we can make sustainable traveling accessible to more people, helping others leave their best footprint.

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