Make your opinion count!

Find, rate, share sustainability on the go.

Imagine if you could easily share your sustainable travel experiences, without having to be an expert? Now you can. 

We are inviting you to rate and share your experiences to make the world a more sustainable place through all your travel choices.

Why should I get involved?

Your opinion matters. When using your voice, you make the choice easier for your fellow like-minded travelers coming after you.

It only takes a minute, but the impact is huge. We can make tourism sustainable one choice at a time.

Our user-driven sustainability rating is the first of its kind and finally gives us a voice:

    1. Rate the places you visited during your trip, from a sustainability perspective
    2.  Provide suppliers with information on how sustainable their establishment is perceived

How does it work?

When at the hotel, open TripDoodler and look around you

Fill in the rating with what you see, maybe leave a few comments and pictures

Use TripDoodler to find ratings from others, save them and explore

But how do I know what to look for?

We have carefully selected sustainability parameters that are easily accessible for you. Things you can see such as the available food options, single-use plastic used and other visible signs.

What are our parameters based on?

We have divided them into 3 categories, based on the UNWTO’s definition of sustainable tourism’s three pillars: Environmental, Social-Cultural and Economical. 

The first version of our travelers rating is based around 15 environmental, 12 social and 6 economic parameters. You can rate any of the elements making your trip up.

Our foundation is the tourism industry standards that are properly validated and based on the global standards of Global Sustainable Tourism Council, DEI parameters and developed in cooperation with GH Sustainability. 

If you are feeling unsure, don’t worry! We are here to provide information along the way to help you understand what the parameters are for and how they connect to sustainability. 

As our platform is developing, we want your feedback around how to improve our rating system.