Crowd-Sourced Sustainability

Sustainability is too important and too urgent to leave it for experts (only)

Sustainability is usually evaluated only by accredited third-party certifications and experts in the field. It is considered to be an issue too complex for everyday people to assess.

It is, of course, very important to rely on experts for guidance and scientific research. However, we believe the world is big and improving too rapidly for us to rely only on experts as our source of information on sustainability. What would happen if we gave consumers a place to start?
It’s of course not realistic to expect all of us to read tons of long-winded and complicated articles before we can bring meaningful contributions. But what if we balanced the integrity with the ease of use?

Given the right framework, every person can be empowered to participate! Regardless of whether you are an expert or have just started your sustainability journey. With more and better sustainability information made available to everyone, we can all be involved in making the world a better place, one choice at a time.

“We don’t need a few of people making perfect sustainable choices. What we need is millions of people making the more sustainable choice. Thereby constantly pushing the baseline of sustainability practices”
Josephine Oman
Josephine Piplits
CEO of TripDoodler

Why should I get involved?

When using your voice, you leave better footprints for your fellow like-minded travelers to follow.

It only takes a minute, but the impact is huge. We can make tourism more sustainable one choice at a time.

Our crowd-sourced sustainability standard is the first of its kind and finally gives you the voice to:

    1. Acknowledge the places (hotels, restaurants, etc.) you visit during your trips, highlighting where they are on their sustainable journey
    2. Providing them with information on how you perceive their sustainable practices

How is the crowd contributing to sustainability?

When we search for shops, places we eat & drink or sleep, we can use TripDoodler to identify the more sustainable options and see where businesses are on their sustainability journey, based on a set of objective sustainability parameters.
When we visit these businesses, we can use the same parameters to pass on what sustainable practices we personally observe. When we do so, we not only leave better footprints for like-minded travelers to follow, but we also create valuable data points for the businesses to learn and understand how their sustainable practices are perceived and where to start building a more sustainable business.

Are the ratings subjective or objective?

Normally, consumer ratings are really only subjective reviews. This doesn’t work when we talk about sustainability. At TripDoodler we don’t care about your personal opinions – rather we offer you a set of comparable objective parameters of sustainability.
So, you don’t have to be an expert, but you do have to care.
All you have to do is look for the objective sustainable practices TripDoodler provides you with. M
ark them with a “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know” answer.
Making the rating as
objective as anything involving people can be.

It’s as simple as that.

What is the role of businesses?

When we leave our better footprints we also let the business owners know if and how their sustainability practices are recognized by their customers. 

With TripDoodler business owners get insight into which of their sustainability practices their customers can see. It can also help them to understand what sustainably conscious customers are looking for. 

Finally, it can provide insight into what other businesses in their field are doing in terms of sustainability. And learn from each other.

How is it done?
With TripDoodler you can acknowledge all the sustainable practices you experience in the places you visit. No need to be an expert – we got you covered!